Geotechnical scope and site survey for construction use

  • Duration: 9 days. Scope: Shallow water vibro core testing in waters down to 6 m LAT  
  • Duration: 10 days. Scope: Geotechnical work and investigation for bridge structure
  • Duration: 6 days. Scope: Geotechnical work and investigation and seabed strength for jack-up vessels working at Vattenfall and Ørsted sites
  • Duration: 87 days. Scope: OWF- Vesterhav North / South for Vattenfall execution of both drill-core and CPT test. Geo's heave-compensated drilling rig designed for high-quality geotechnical sampling and testing, and GeoScope heaviest seabed CPT rig with a press capacity of 200kN
  • Duration: 24 days. Scope: OWF Kriegers Flak was an emergency call from client due to the fact that existing contractor on site was behind schedule and winter was closing in
Key lessons learned from project:
The skill set needed for two companies as NCTO and GEO, with different high levels of expertise on a joint task for world leading offshore windfarm construction companies, was instructive but overall the mutual goal was the same.

With NCTO the project was given a high vessel flexibility for fast and complex mobilization between jobs, which brought the project cost down to a minimum.

The vessel capability for conducting multiple jobs with same vessel and teams meeting the end client's timeframe was a massive achievement.  NCT Offshore managed to conduct 3 medium and 2 larger scopes from the 24-oct-2016 to the 7-nov-2017 (total project days: 136 days).
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