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At NCT we have worked with geotechnical and subsea drill support for many years.
Our in-house engineers have designed and built several sub sea vehicles, which is why: we take the quality and safety of onshore drilling to same level offshore.

Some of the main features ensuring above is:
- a full hydraulic geotechnical drill
- 15 ton seabed frame with special eco-handling system returning all mud to the vessel
- all required sampling and testing equipment
- down-the-hole CPT testing in 2/3 m strokes with special designed seabed frame

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Geotechnical jobs

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Many Geotechnical Hours from 2017 – 2017


  • North stream Project - Geotechnical support
  • OWF Krigers Flak Full Geotechnical and drill campaign


  • GEO DRILL operations
  • OWF Vesterhav North and South Full Geotechnical and drill campaign


  • GEO technical operations